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How to Counter EPIC Cards in Clash Royale

Do you enjoy playing Clash Royale? Games made by Supercell developers who are also makers of the Clash of Clan game or better known as COC. In this game the game is done using a card, each card must have advantages and disadvantages in this game. Now, let's just discuss the EPIC card. Epic cards in this game are rather hard to come by, you have to open the chest or buy it at the shop to get it. Now I want to discuss how to counter EPIC cards in Clash Royale.



Prince is one of the most common Epic cards used in Clash royale, there are various ways to counter them by deploying troops in the middle of the arena, with arguably cheap elixirs, namely Spear Goblins, Goblins, Skeletons, and can easily Prince Prince. If the Building Card Prince can be counted with Tesla and Inferno.


Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon is one of the best Epic Air Troops Tanker cards that attack with Splash Damage, how to counter it by deploying Minion Horde, Minions, Spear Goblins or Musketter. Some Building Cards can also count as Tesla, and also Inferno.


Skeleton Army

Skeleton Army Is one of the Epic Swarm cards if you don't have troops with splash damage, these troops are very dangerous for you. How to count it is quite easy, just with Arrow, Fireball, Wizard, Baby Drago, n and Bomber.



Witch, one of the Epic cards that can deploy Skeleton. But Witch can attack on land and also air, the way to beat it is by throwing Fireball, this is very effective in reducing Witch blood to be less.


Goblin Barrel

Goblin Barrel is one of the Troops Spells that throws 3 Goblins into the opponent's area, the way to counter them is to deploy Troops such as Goblins, Goblin Spears, Barbarians and Minions. Some Deck Buildings can also count them like Tesla, Cannon, inferno and tower bomb.


Giant Skeleton

Giant Skeleton is one of the tanker troops as well as attackers but its weaknesses that cannot attack airborne troops, how to counter it with troops clustered like Skeleton Army, Goblin, Barbarians and Minions. troop buildings such as the Inferno tower and Bomb tower are also effective for countering Giant Skeleton.



Balloon is a troop who only attacks the Tower and Defense buildings, his weaknesses are airborne troops because he cannot strike back. Some of these cards can counter such as Minions, Horde Minions, Mini Dragons, and Goblin Spears. For Building deck you can Counter with Tesla and Inferno.



X-Bow One of the Epic cards that makes the opponents upset, because he is able to attack from the opposite side of the opponent's area. There are 2 ways to count it, Destroy or Fishing, how to destroy X-Bow simply by Putting a Cannon, Tesla or Inferno, now it's by building a deck with a spell deck can use Lighning, Fireball or Rocket then with troops can with Barbarian and Minion horde . If you want to lure it, you can use Giant, Golem or P.E.K.K.A with troops whose cellphone is quite large, this allows for x bows to hack them.



Pekka are classified as troops who need a lot of Elixir, the disadvantage is that Troops are clustered like Skeleton Army, Skeleton, Goblin, Spear Goblin, Minions, Minion Horde and also Barbarians. If you want to counter with Building you can with Tesla and Inferno.



The Golem is a Troops that needs a lot of Elixir, these troops can be used as Tanker because there are many cellphones. You can counter with Spear Goblins and Minions, and if you want to counter with Building Deck you can also use the Inferno Tower and Bomb Tower.


Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is Troops Epic which was just released during Global Launch, the troops are very connected with Prince. You can counter Dark Knights in the same way as Prince. The difference is that the Dark Knight has a protective Shield that provides additional HP.

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